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April 21st, 2014

This dirty chubby slut goes to her local restaurant to meet up with a hot stud to get all down and dirty back at his home in front of the camera. When they arrive back at his place, he shows her around before getting naked revealing his throbbing manhood.

It doesn’t take long for her to wrap her lips around it, caressing his bell end with her tongue making him moan with excitement.A little while later, he gets the slut on her back and begins thrusting in his rather big cock, making his balls slap off her arse and them both to moan with ecstasy. After some cock cracking positions, he finishes up by shooting his load all over her stomach. This video really is a good watch for all you curvy lovers out there!



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April 20th, 2014

Monica is one of our chubby phone sex girls. She sits and waits for her phone to ring hoping there will be a dirty fucker on the other end who she can tease with words as she messes with herself.  When her phone finally rang, she began her dirty talk whilst playing with those big knockers before slipping her hand into her pants and beginning to play with her fat wet cunt, causing her to moan with delight.

A few moments later, Monica continued to fuck her fanny with her fingers, getting her juices everywhere whilst she again moaned with ecstasy. Watch this dirty slut get intimate through the phone as the camera gets up close and personal on her large flaps.

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April 19th, 2014


This blonde bombshell Kaitlin looks sexy as fuck in her kinky pink and black lingerie when she turns up for some dirty fun in front of the camera. She begins by pulling out those large funbags, tweaking her ripe nipples before slipping her hand down her pants to flick that bean, which makes Kaitlin crave for a fat cock. A

little while later, her toys go out to play as she begins licking her nipples she shoves a dildo up that fat pussy of hers, ramming it in hard making her scream with delight. A few moments later, she switches toy and inserts an even bigger dildo and continues fucking her fanny making her moan even louder. Watch as this dirty slut has an unbeatable orgasm as she fucks her wet cunt!



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April 19th, 2014

This blonde headed bombshell really lives it large when she goes to a male studs house for some naughty camera action. She isn’t there long for the minx inside to be unleashed when she’s peeling off her clothes and sucking on his almighty cock, making him groan for loudly for more. A little while later, she peels off her knickers and inserts his cock into her plump wet pussy, allowing him to thrust hard as she screams with joy.

A few positions later, he takes her on the floor where he continues to ram in his thick dick whilst he spanks that fat ass making them both moan with pleasure. After a few more positions, he then finishes up by shooting his cum into her mouth, making her swallow every little drop!

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April 18th, 2014

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Chubby black girl Crystal went to see the doctor because she was having some back pain due to having too much sex. When she arrived, she striped off her clothes revealing that 57inch ass and huge fun bags because the doctor needed to examine her full body, in which she has a lot of.

It doesn’t take long for the doctor to spot the problem when he begins oiling her fat ass and perky tits before passing her a large dildo to ram up her wet juicy cunt. Thrusting hard, she moaned with ecstasy as her doctor watched on, rubbing his cock wishing he could do the job for her.  After plenty of cock teasing and fanny pumping she finishes up with one all mighty orgasm as she continues thrusting in the dildo, moaning loudly with joy.


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April 17th, 2014

This dirty slut takes a trip to our male studs’ apartment where he intends to exploit her dirty ways by recording every detail of their intimacy. When she arrives, he don’t waste any time in telling her what he wants which makes the chubby slut horny before peeling off her clothes. As the fun begins, he slips  his cock into her mouth, making her suck on every inch given whilst taking the lot down her throat causing him moan loudly with pleasure.

He then tells her to bend over and shoves his large member into her wet twat, ramming it in hard making his balls slap off her arse and them both to moan louder with  ecstasy. A few positions later, he then takes her on the floor where they get even more down and dirty before shooting his load all over her chubby body!

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April 16th, 2014


Kandi and Shereja are two of our cheeky chubby girls who love hitting it off with each other as well as the camera man. These two chubsters really know how to tickle his fancy when trading tongues and licking each others ripening nipples.

As things hotten up and the toys come out to play, these bubbly girls fuck each others cunts until their dripping with fanny juice before allowing the camera man to join the action by getting his cock repeatedly sucked causing him to moan with relief. As the positions start, his dick slips in and out of their bouncing baps, making him crave their wet cunts. Watch as these girls’ pair up for some dick teasing fun!


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April 16th, 2014

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Chubster Jinger is one amazing BBW babe that loves her curviness as much as we do.  However, this busty babe loves to keep healthy and when she goes to meet her personal trainer; we tagged along out of curiosity just to see what her secret is. Watch as this naughty babe works those curves with a workout like no other when her trainer begins sucking those plumpy tits and playing with her fat ass, before making her suck his meaty cock causing him to moan with ecstasy.

After a bit of foreplay, he then slips his dick into her slippery cunt, fucking the life out of it, making her fat roll and them both to moan with delight. After plenty of fitness positions, they finish up as he shoots his dick cream all over her face allowing her to lick it up.

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April 15th, 2014

Daphne is one of our big breasted babes with no shame in flapping them about on camera for all you dirty fuckers to watch. She loves the attention and when we ask her to do a show for us, she never says no! When she arrives, she wastes no time in making herself comfortable on my sofa and getting out her all natural big jugs. She then starts to play with them as she looks into the camera talking like a total slut, turning on anyone who watches.

A little while later, Daphne takes off her knickers revealing her tasty bacon butty and begins flicking her bean making herself all wet and sticky whilst moaning with delight. As the fun continues, she does many angles of her twat continuing to give it some attention from her fingers. If you like big natural women, watch this video now and see just how slutty these chubby girls can get!

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April 14th, 2014


Thick babe Gia starts showing off when she pays us a visit to do some naughty antics in front of the camera. This babe has a rite pair of knockers on her and is willing to show you what she can do with her curves and how much fun she can have doing it. Not all kinky sluts are skinny, fake breasted girls and Gia is here to prove it. She begins her fun on the bed where she slips out her enormous tits, rubbing them around tweaking those perky nipples.

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